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New Starter Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous experience?
Nope, we’ll teach you everything on the day. If you do have previous experience in customer service, or working in a bar or pub, that can be helpful, but it’s not necessary!


Will I get training?

We will train you on the day. Once we have provided a staff briefing you will be sent to your bars, then your bar manager will go through everything with you and explain what you need to do - it’s quite simple. The managers are very friendly and are happy to help if you are confused about anything that you have been taught – just ask, they won’t bite!


How much and when do I get paid?

You will be paid £7.75ph and payments are processed at the end of every month. We also offer an incentive scheme where you can be rewarded with an extra £10 on top of your wage for winning employee or bar of the week.


How do I get to work?

We are based in Bedford, so we can provide lifts to those living in this area. If you are local to the event venue, we expect you to make your own way to and from work. If you are unsure on how to get there, we are more than happy to advise routes that our employees take.


How will I know where to go on the day?

We will message you the week before the event to check you’re still available and then send an email out to confirm the details for the specific event (as some details vary from venue to venue). In that email, we will tell you where to go to get a wristband and information about who will meet you, with their phone number in case you have any problems finding them.


What will I be doing?

We run outdoor bars, so you will either be pouring the pints or serving the drinks to customers.


What should I wear?

You can wear denim or black jeans/skirt or leggings, and comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty (if you’re pouring drinks, it can get a little messy). As the bars are outside, they can get very cold during the winter months, so we recommend you wear plenty of layers and thick socks. We provide everyone with a Black Polar hoodie, which we expect you to wear as your top layer.


How do I sign up for shifts?

We’ll add you to our mailing list and each month we will send out the details via several channels for the next month’s events and you can either email or text us to sign up for the shift; so, it’s in your interest to join our social media platforms. We aim to release details of shifts by the middle of the month, so if you have not received upcoming event dates, please let us know. Please be aware that shifts are given on a first come first serve basis.


What if I can no longer make a shift?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you will no longer be available to work a shift. To be fair to all our staff, we operate a three-strike system for those who drop out. Obviously, we understand sometimes people are ill, or things happen that are out of your control which can’t be helped but if you drop out at the last minute without a valid excuse, or do not turn up to a shift you have signed up for, you will receive a strike. Once you have received three strikes, we will not ask you back to work with us and will take you off our books. This is because we will have had to turn someone down that would have committed to the shift and losing a member of staff at short notice can have a huge effect on the remaining team. So, please bear this in mind when signing up to a shift.

Do I need to fill in any forms?

We ask that you could fill in and return our HMRC new starter from and account details forms before your first shift, so we can set you up on payroll to make sure you get paid on time. If you haven’t had them, let us know and we’ll get them sent to you.